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Restyling or upgrading your building’s facade cladding

The appearance of your premises partly determines the image of your company. If you have new premises built, the exterior will often be in tune with your company's style.

If you move into an existing building, giving your own identity to such a building seems more problematic. Likewise, if your premises have been expanded by a new building you may be surprised by the result. Chances are that the colors of the old and the new façade panels differ. Top Finish solves this problem for you, whereby the existing part of your company's building will look just as fresh and new as the new one.

Top Finish has a great deal of experience in the application of company's colors to buildings. We can give the façade the looks and color you desire. Even better, it is probably less complicated and expensive than you would think!

Restyling increases the value of your buildings

Restyling or cleaning your cladding panels is also a very interesting option if you are the owner of the premises or a commercial property agent. A new coat of paint on outdated buildings contributes towards sales success and the price of a property. We can upgrade your building and give it an up-to-date image.

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