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Damage repair to roof and wall panels of aluminum and steel

Damage to metal facades can arise over time due pollution and to the formation of corrosion. This can be prevented through frequent cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, damage in the form of dents and scratches is quite common. The latter damage also occurs regularly during the construction or production phase.

Replacing a sandwich panel is expensive and there is often the issue of color differences between the existing facade and the new panels. 

A number of years ago, Top Finish devised a solution that provides practical and financial advantages and considerably shortens the restoration process. Since then, Top Finish has been the leading contractor in damage repairs to steel and aluminum panels in the Netherlands.

Invisible Repair On Site

The technique that we have developed is applicable to every type and color of steel or aluminum panel.

Thanks to our specific knowledge and many years of experience, we can repair damage on site and virtually invisibly. Most of the time this can be done while retaining your right to the manufacturer's warranty.

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