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    Cleaning and frequent maintenance keeps the facade panels in good condition

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Cleaning and maintenance of metal panels and facades

Cleaning and frequent maintenance keeps the coating that is applied to the facade panels in better condition. Hence, the lifetime of the coating and the facade panels as a whole, is extended and you can avoid damage.

Top Finish has professional partners at its disposal that are exclusively entrusted with the cleaning and maintenance of facades on commercial and industrial buildings. We remove stubborn dirt and graffiti with advanced cleaning equipment and detergents.

After cleaning, the facade panels are rinsed with specially softened water to prevent steaks forming. We can subsequently provide the panels with a dirt-repellent coating. This coating gives your building a better and longer-lasting protection against the adhesion of dirt and the negative effects of the weather.

Do you fulfill the conditions of the manufacturer's warranty?

To retain your right to the manufacturer's warranty, you must fulfill the guarantee conditions. Many manufacturers set the requirement that you must be able to show that the panels have been cleaned at least once per year.

If you have the facades cleaned by us, no doubts can ever arise on this point. After cleaning, you will receive a cleaning certificate from us. If there is any question concerning the warranty, you can then produce the certificate for the manufacturer or supplier.

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