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Industrial spraying

Top Finish has a multifunctional facility for industrial spray painting. Here we can coat various objects of all sizes: protective coating, damage repair or applying colour. All colours, including metallics and metal-look paints, are possible.

A contrasting colour on cladding panels, spray painting (elevator)doors, window frames, flashings, fencing or stairs, optionally  with the possibility of various protective coatings. Also art objects, table legs, lamps, etc. can be spray painted in the colour of your choice. The facility size is even large enough to handle for example (lorry) trailers.

Our facility is easily accessible for large transport.

As certified Unicoatings application specialist we can offer a wide range of products to give your objects the ultimate protection against all kinds of external contamination.

We are seasoned application professionals and possess an unlimited creativity to provide outstanding solutions for your coating challenges. Do contact us!