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We are internationally recognized as the experts on damage repair on metal cladding panels. Let us restore or restyle your facade or roofing panels.



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Let Top Finish restyle your premises to eliminate colour differences. We make sure your building has the desired looks and colours.



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Frequent maintenance keeps your panels in good shape and fulfills the conditions of the manufacturer's warranty.


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Experts in restoring damaged metal cladding and roofing panels

In 1999 Top Finish was the Dutch originator of restoration of damaged metal roofing and cladding panels on commercial and industrial buildings. Our teams of IPAF certified specialists are deployed all over Europe and the Middle East. Most of the time restoration is much less expensive than replacement of, for example, aluminum sandwichpanels.

On the grounds of our knowledge and experience, we are regularly engaged by insurance companies and loss adjustment agencies for the appraisal of damage to metal wall and roofing panels.

We are continuously working towards the improvement of our procedures. To achieve this, our research and development department works closely with national and international paint manufacturers and cladding panel suppliers.

Creating and Maintaining the right look

Restyling or refurbishing cladding panels is a very interesting option too if you are the owner of the premises or a commercial property agent. A new coat of paint on dowdy and outdated buildings contributes towards sales success and the price of a property. We can upgrade your building and thereby give it an up-to-date image.

Top Finish also has a professional team at its disposal that is exclusively entrusted with the cleaning and maintenance of exterior cladding on buildings.

Contact us for with any questions you may have.

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